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Welcome to Pennock's Fiero Discussion Forum! We have dedicated space on our server especially for all you Pontiac Fiero lovers out there. This is the place to discuss or ask all your technical questions, or to simply chat with other Fiero owners. There's also a special section called "The Mall" where you can offer anything Fiero related that you may have to trade or sell. You can even link an image if you want!

The only thing we ask of you is not to abuse the forum, do not spam it with links to commercial sites. Also, we don't tolerate foul language, racial remarks, etc. We simply ask you to use your own good judgement of what is appropriate or not. If you stick to these simple rules, you can discuss anything you want. You can discuss how to make your tires burn rubber, how to avoid speed traps, how other cars suck compared to the Fiero - whatever! ;)

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